Blockchain Advisor

June Lisa

PR Expert || Author || Australia


To put her atmost efforts in decentralising the world economy and redefine the financial structure worldwide.

"Unblocking the Blockchain knowledge then and now...!"


June is an expert in the Business analysis of blockchain platforms and infrastructure with deep knowledge of ICO. Team player and skilled to strategise a huge business project with a definitive success rate. This PR manager has made her way to the top from the bottom of the corporate pyramid. She has learned a lot about technology and keeps improving her skills every day with the same eagerness she had in the very beginning of her career.









“Success comes to those who are eager to learn and smart in their work. Life is a hurdle race, things will never come easy. You will win only if you are able to jump over every obstacle and still keep running.”

Career Venture so far..

June has 3+ years of commercial experience and has spent the last year learning and working in the blockchain industry and was freelancing for various ICOs as an advisor. In recent months, she is on a journey to expand and share her knowledge and expertise globally on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. June works closely with founders of ICOs who are actively working to bring a revolution in the blockchain industry and has previously worked with numerous ICO projects which had a realistic plan for their product and have raised huge funding. Specializing in Public Relations & Business strategy. She has been able to achieve tremendous results as an advisor for various ICO projects. She is a strong-willed and career oriented woman who has achieved immense success in an industry which needs strong technical knowledge.


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